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          About us: Bonanza Investment Group was founded in 2012 (re-registered 2108), located in Rwanda, Africa, with a registered capital of 20,000,000,000 francs. The group has over 300 registered personnel. After seven years of construction and development, it has become a large-scale comprehensive medium-sized enterprise. The group consists of eight subsidiaries or affiliated companies, which engage in a variety of business, including but not limited to: gambling industry, valuable timber, mining, financial services and trade, distributed in Zambia and Tanzania. Kenya, Malawi, Congo (Kinshasa). Our...
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      BONANZA TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Introduction Bonanza Trading Company Limited is a private company registered on 30thApril 2014 and Licensed by Tanzania Gaming Board to run the Business of Route/ Slot Machines in Tanzania. The companys head...

  • Public Welfare Activity

      Yongfeng Investment Co., Ltd went to MONGULILATO Childrens Home in Zambia to visit the children living there. With the strong support of the local government in Zambia, on October 22nd, 2012, the CEO of Yongfeng company Dong Fenglong and th...

  • A Warm Visit To Mongulila

      On April 6th, 2017,thechairmanHou fenglong ,consultant Kebaand General manager Lin qinglong went to visit the children in MONGULILATO childrens home in Zambiaonce again.The teambrought a great deal ofnecessariesto themlike rice, meat,suga...